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Instant Electric Water Heater -11 kw

MODEL:SJ602-11 kw

1) simple design (electro mechanical without mainboard) but much more longer life and trustable quality compare to other instant electronic heater in the market
2) power automatic adjusted by the water rate flow
3) have 4 system for sasfety
A. water over pressure valve. when pass 7 bar discharge system
B. thermostater when pass 85 degree stop slectricity
C. has special braker with safe life system, in case leakage electricity, automatic stop electricity
D. system is over power if go over 11 kw the machine stop by itself

1. Micro switch with two contact starting first according water flow in coming.
2. 11 kw, 49AMP Delta of 25 C degree for hot water range : 6.5 Liter/Min(how much water Liter/Min you in = how much water Liter/Min you out), working pressure:3-85psi, spec. 220V/60HZ
3. The cables made with connector .
4. The safety thermal starter at 85 degree .
5. The switch can be made 3 option + OFF, and front panel have the same information.
6. Two Light (One light for show power, One light for show heating)
7. Fisher (Metal Hunger), and User Manual
8. Without showerhead.
9. Without Chromed Heater
10. The heater(water tank) with oult water pipe connection are in one-piece structure.
11. The Water valve with inlet water pipe connection in one-piece structure.

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